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Stylish Furniture Designs for Dining Room

10 Stylish Furniture and Design Ideas to Spice up your Dining Room

Whether your style is sophisticated or family friendly dining room, it is essential to make people comfortable in this part of the house. Every single item in the area has to be well-coordinated from furniture to decor, linen, and design in order to spark more meaningful dining conversation and build pleasant experience.

So here are 10 creative ideas every homeowner want to consider by ALGEDRA Trading and Furniture:

1. Establish Pattern

Let your teacup collection, plates and furniture arrangement add beauty and pattern to your dining room. It is a classic style that is not overdone. Everything else can be based on their colors and theme. If your cabinets and china are kinds of rustic and vintage, then you can opt for drapes, tablecloths and chairs that will compliment. Candlesticks can also make a beautiful add-on.

 2.Accent with Wallpaper

Wallpapers add vitality and elegance to your dining room. Using wallpapers halfway up is a timeless design used by many palaces and elegant houses. Designing a dining room is also your chance to dress up the ceiling.

3.Display Traditions

dining room decor

The dining room is the perfect place to display special collections and work of art. Wall paintings in different sizes and styles, wall-mounted plates, family heirlooms and many other artifacts can give a beauty and uncommon look to the room.

4.Painted Walls

Changing the color of the walls to orange or yellow is fun and are not boring than some colors, they also work as appetizers.


You can add classic and elaborate lamps to the dining room as they add intimacy and elegance, such as the ceiling lamps.


flowers on the table

Having some nice small flowers in the room will give it a sweet and vibrant look.

7.      Scented Candles

Candles add intimacy and warmth to the atmosphere of the room, especially if the candles are of fragrance.


Each chair must have a story to tell, adding two different styles or colors of chairs around the table will provide an edgy look. You can also add slipcovers to add a more sophisticated look. But make sure the chairs, table and furniture around work well together.

9.Table Cloth

Use white tablecloth that has soft patterns such as flowers and also embroidered will add a soft and elegant look to the room. The room will look bright when the table cloth has bizarre colors, and formal if it’s in white or beige and without any patterns.

 10.Dining Table

perfect dining table set

Choosing the perfect dining table can be the most overwhelming decisions to do especially if you have so many choices and endless designs in mind. However, the key is stick to timeless designs that fits in your space with enough space for fitted cabinets, chairs and for people to move around. Remember your dining table will set the tone for the entire room.