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Violet Bedroom Design

5 Colorful Bedroom Furniture and Design Ideas

Want to revamp your bedroom and add a vibe of freshness and colors? At Algedra Trading and Furniture, we have the most luxurious and vibrantly colored furnishings for you to choose from. Get inspired with some of our amazing color scheme and furniture ideas.

Elegant Brown

Elegant Brown Furniture

Get yourself a sophisticated look of earthly colors of golden brown and white. Here you have your wall that matches the bed which is the main piece of furniture in the room. For a room with limited spaces, it is always advisable to have your furniture such as lamp tables and wardrobe custom-made.

Oriental Outlook

red style bedroom furniture

 Red is the color of warm and passion. If you choose this as a dominant color in a bedroom, it needs to be well-thought of and properly accessorized. Here you have to rely on the fabrics and curtains used as well as the neutral pallet of the wall and chest drawers.

Royal Blue

royal blue turkish furniture

If you opt for blue as your furniture color in your room compliment it white or light green to create a soothing effect. True blue is one of the most versatile hues in a house. 

Pink Princess

pink style furniture

Create a perfect fairy tale room fit for a princess. Pink is a design statement for any girl’s room and a soothing color for a bedroom. Mixing it with neutral and gold color will make it more even more charming and luxurious.

Colorful Mix

colorful turkish bedroom design

Transform your room to the spirit of the season by combining a mixture of colors. But decorating a colorful bedroom while achieving an elegant look is not easy. The trick here is balancing the edgy elements with neutral tones. Here you can find that the color of the fabrics matches the wall and blinds color. 

For more bedroom decorating ideas, please visit Algedra Trading and Furniture’s range of classic and modern Turkish Furniture