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5 Fairytale Bedroom Ideas

Creativity has no limits. ALGEDRA Trading and Furniture designers are creative and always search for the latest ideas for bedrooms and their furniture because it is one of the basic needs of each human being. It is where he feels free and enjoys privacy. Here are some creative ideas for a fairy tale bedrooms.

 1. Arabian nights room of a full oriental style:

The bedroom door separates between two worlds; the outside world and the charming world inside the bedroom which has off-white and beige walls with a waistband plaster ornate and a golden metallic four-poster bed that have satin cloth of transparent colors, chiffon and a high Pillow Top Mattress covered by the damsco fabric or silk taffeta and silk cushions decorated with silk tapes distributed on the bed.

On both sides of the bed, two golden and off white table lamps, and a luxurious oriental carpet in wine red color or zebra colors, to add a modern touch to this oriental room we add a small bar in the corner and floor seating with large pillows and oud perfume. In addition to the golden chandeliers that illuminates and highlights the beauty and the calm atmosphere of the room.

 2. Room of old mosaic that is modern and renewed:

Originality will always remain beautiful. These bedrooms are decorated by mosaic that is patterned with shells or ivory in creative art forms. A mosaic bed patterned by ivory that has a taffeta cover Hand-embroidered in gold and pillows provide a luxurious and elegant look to the room in addition to two small side tables and oriental table lamps in wood, a large cabinet, a dresser and a large mirror with a mosaic frame. A large carpet in off-white or beige covers the whole floor and a chandelier in either gold or bronze or even in the mosaic that is decorated with ivory is placed and it creates a perfect room to relax in after a tiring day.

 3. Distinctive room:

This kind of a room is wood floored with a bed that has high-upholstered backdrop frame and floor frame of shiny glass tiles that surround the bed. The ceiling is a large reflective mirror with drawings and different types of lights (spotlights) to distribute the illumination between the floor and the ceiling.

Two side tables on both sides of the bed with two table lamps in geometrical forms, a rocking chair in the corner with a sofa, two chairs and a small table decorated with natural flowers, the window is decorated with silk, velvet, and satin curtains but it must match the fabric of the bed covers; you can combine all of these ideas or use some to have a beautiful yet comfortable bedroom.

 4. Dreamy romantic bedroom in calm colors:

This room has a large bed in the middle that is covered in crochet and silk and a wide colored silk scarf, with pillows of the similar fabric that have some colored ribbons.

Side tables and table lamps of Alabaster ivory base, marble floor, and a rainbow colored carpet to complete the look of this room.

 The ceiling is an art portrait of a clear sky and some clouds, add soft lights to look like stars at night while the main illumination of the room comes from globes and bulbs that are distributed on the walls in an artistic way. There is also an upholstered sofa in red wine or pink and small colored cushions.

 5. Artistic room:

For those who seek innovation and excellence, ALGEDRA achieves this excellence for its customers. Bedrooms with a transparent glass floor that is resistant, tempered and anti-breakage, but has a living portrait of colorful fishes. A low bed and low side table in transparent glass and wood to fit with the general idea of the room.

A calm illumination for the floor and a white side illumination for the walls, in addition to the sides that are lined in a consecutive four or five row of globes in different lengths on the wall. It contains some soft colored plaster cornices of colors drawn from nature.

And do not forget the big cushions to sit and relax while admiring the beauty of the room.