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Chic and modern living room decorating ideas

Chic and modern living room decorating ideas for 2017

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house, the importance of this room lies in the fact that it is the house front and the first impression the guests will get, and where the whole family and friends gather, so it must be comfortable, the following are some ideas to get a comfortable and modern living room.

 Furniture in modern designs is based on simplicity and lack of details, so  "Algedra" experts advise you to be selective when choosing furniture, for example, you can choose a simple sofa and two chairs in colors that fit the whole room that will give it a tidy and a modern look,  use  large comfortable and colorful pillows to complement the overall appearance, as for the tables you must choose a simple table to be placed in the center of the room wooden or stainless steel, the TV table, which comes in the form of a shelf close to the ground and some shelves and small Drawer to contain devices for the TV, such as DVD.

Modern decors rely on light-colors that are suitable with the wall paint, so you can use white paint or beige or merge some of the colors properly or you can use wallpapers for the same purpose.

Modern decor furniture with light-colors

Flooring: it is better not to use a ceramic floor because it is a source of moisture and coldness, so you can use the wooden floor to give the room an elegant modern appearance. As wood is very dominant in the flooring industry.

The low ceiling is one of the main characteristics of the modern designs, thus you can use simple ceilings free of any decorations that suit the colors of the walls, use a simple modern chandelier to provide a good and comfortable lighting.

Carpets in modern living rooms are simple and lack inscriptions , they are placed in the middle of the room to give a modern arranged appearance , as for the curtains  they should be suitable with the colors of the room and they are preferably full length to help introduce sufficient light for the room, you can put shelves to put some of your favorite books, and for wall paintings you must stay away from the traditional paintings and adopt the modern paintings that have suitable size and shape with the room.