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Children Bedroom Furniture

Children Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A child’s bedroom is his own private world because it is more than just a bedroom. It’s where he does his homework, practice his hobbies, plays with his friends, and keep all of his belongings.

Therefore ALGEDRA Trading and furniture studies the child needs and then designs a room that is suitable with the child’s interests to help him enjoy a safe and comfortable environment, taking into account the age differences, and each age’s needs and taste.

In case the child is a “girl” the tenderness is reflected in the silk romantic curtains and the elegance is reflected through the simple beautiful pieces with bright light colors. When the room is decorated with stuffed animals or dolls the little girl feels like a little princess living in her own kingdom.

 boys bed

While boys need an environment that exploits their energies, and their rooms are where they empty their energies. ALGEDRA achieves that by choosing a room design that is inspired by your child’s interests and hobbies hence offering a secure but fun design for the room to be suitable for your kid.

girls bed

For example decorations that are inspired from space and stars unleash the child’s imagination and encourages him to learn more. A football wallpaper can be added if football is his interest or a huge picture of his role model along with furniture that goes with the picture’s colors.


The pink color and flowery decorations are more suitable for girls and blue shades are suitable for boys, but light colors like cyan and yellow lime can be suitable and comfortable for both genders.


But if the room is small or two kids share one bedroom, then solutions should be found. ALGEDRA guarantees to find enough space for all the necessary items along with space for easy movement and different activities. There are some smart designs such as foldable furniture, bunk beds or designs that combine the comfort space with toys and activities without distracting the child.

fresh bedroom design for children

One of the basics in designing children bedrooms is leaving a free space for the child to practice his activities on the carpet or a rug. And to teach the child to organize his toys and books we should design something that simplifies this chore for him. Because a child must have a private corner in the room even if he shares it with siblings.