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contemporary Dining furniture design

Contemporary Dining Room

The dining room is a very important room as it is where the family gathers first thing in the morning for breakfast and at the end of the day for dinner, “ALGEDRA” wants for its client to have a bright joyful dining room, the following are some ideas to get a contemporary dining room.

First thing first, Contemporary does not mean simple but Exotic too! So in a contemporary dining room you will find chairs and tables of exotic unique styles.

For a bright dining room, use chairs of different colors and shapes, this room will suit a modern contemporary house, add a spherical lamp on the table and some natural roses to make it more elegant and beautiful.

Best Dining Room Furniture

If you have a small room, kitchen or a small corner use a white circular table that Can accommodate up to four people, for an unusual appearance the chairs can have a bold color such as fuchsia, with the addition of some decorations to the room, such as lamps and some accessories.

Another example for a contemporary dining room, with the use of chairs in different shapes and colors, so to add some joy to the room, this room breaks all the rules in terms of colors and even furniture arrangement, with the use of a striped rug under the table space only, this will make the room more beautiful and elegant.

Another Fully modern option recommended by “ALGEDRA” designers are the use of black and white in modern and contemporary designs, it is more elegant and luxurious and modern, with a large base metal table, distinct chairs this will make the room look different from any other room you ever saw.

A room with a large area you can place an oval glass table of a large wooden base, comfortable chairs, and the distribution of some of the natural plants on the perimeter of the room closer to the windows, the room will look great and alive.

Living Area Furniture

You can use white for all the furniture and walls in small spaces, this will give the impression of a wider space, to break the routine place a large portrait in the space, and use a rug of animal prints.

For a small space in the kitchen use a wooden table of metal base and colored chairs, these chairs will make the space beautiful and merrier, bold colors are the key for the contemporary-style.

For an Ample room use a simple ordinary table of metal and black chairs that are simple too. with the addition of two lamps on the table and some natural plants to give the room some joy and elegance.