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Contemporary Living Room Decorating Ideas 2016

The bedroom is a person’s safe shelter for relaxation, comfort and Tranquility, but that is not exclusive to the bedroom only, the living room can also offer the same level of comfort as well as it is a place for the friends and family to gather, it is best for the living room to be made in a contemporary comfortable style, the following are some ideas by ALGEDRA to help you achieve a comfortable contemporary living room.

The contemporary designs rely on light colors for the walls because they give the impression of a wider space and because they are colors that provide tranquility.

Ceramic in all its colors, types and shapes is very common for floors in contemporary designs, so you can use polished ceramic tiles that fits in with the room colors, you can also choose solid wood floor because it is still required and desirable for its practicality and grandeur.

In contemporary designs good and high light are one of the priorities, so you should choose high-lighting both in the bulbs or windows, so you can use large windows that help to introduce the maximum amount of sunlight and the maximum amount of lighting at the same time.

The sitting room is designed to be of high ceilings to give the room a larger size, as well as it is preferred to have a ceiling free patterns and finishes, and use a modern chandelier to give the room a nice and tidy modern look.

The foundation which modern designs are based on is simplicity, so the furniture is characterized by simplicity, luxury and modernism all together, so selecting furniture for a contemporary design depends on couple of factors which are comfort, simplicity and practicality , for example, you can choose a simple sofa in bright bold color and two leather seats to relax , as for the Tables , in the middle a large table in size that fits with the dimensions of the room either made of glass or steel because it is corrosion-resistant. for the TV you can customize a wall to wall mount the TV and put some shelves to arrange the accompaniment devices such as DVD, which in turn give the room a modern and elegant shape.

Simplicity is the main character of the contemporary design, so you must stay away from the traditional accessories, such as painting and statues of traditional and archaeological character, instead use modern paintings, or some favorite plants, as for carpets use them in bold colors to give the spirit of modernity and elegance in the room.