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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Staircase

The Staircase is a mean to transport Vertically between floors and levels, it is also considered as a decorative element in homes and a mean to make the house look more elegant and luxurious, and the design and decorating accessories should be used with care.

Stairs are made of several materials, according to the house and available space, they are usually made of stone or marble in palaces, large houses, mansions and huge luxury villas, narrow staircases with a storage space under are practical for modern small houses.

It can be spiral, straight or L shaped or double stairs in case of luxurious homes. Whatever the design chosen for the staircase the safety conditions must be fulfilled as this staircase will be used by everyone including elderly and children.

For a luxurious staircase, no matter what the material it is made of stone or wood, ALGEDRA experts advise you to add some small details to add more luxury such as a carpet. the Guardrail must be made of carved wood or masterly made metals. This will increase is luxury.

In modern houses stairs are made of simple wood or metal or manufactured panels, devoid of details, so that all it does is its purpose.

You can benefit from the area under the stairs for storage especially in small houses, you can use it as a Closet and drawers for storage or even an office to work and study.

You Can take advantage of the stairs to make it as a gallery for family photos, it would give joy and intimacy to the house, and will bring joy every time you look at them and remember the beautiful memories.

Lighting used for staircases are lamps hung from above to provide a luxurious look, or Spot installed on it to give it a modern appearance, and any how the staircase must be lit well to ensure safety and accident prevention, especially during the night.