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Does Luxury Rely on Furniture Items? Get to know

We all would love to have luxurious houses with high ceilings and rich architecture details and large windows overlooking a spectacular garden or the beach. But we can’t always get what we want. But instead, we can add some minor details to our humble houses to transform them into luxurious houses, remember small details can make a big difference. We at ALGEDRA Trading and Furniture have considered some major measures that you can take to make your home look luxurious through furniture.

 1. Bring the outside in

luxury living room

Including natural flowers add a luxurious touch. Put some natural flowers on a coffee table in the living room, guest’s room, bedrooms or even the dining room. The beauty of natural flowers adds richness and luxury. A white tulip vase, for example, will add freshness and vitality to the room.

 2Decorate the kitchen with fruits

You can use seasonal fruits to decorate the kitchen or the dining table. A large plate of lemon and orange will add vitality and freshness to the kitchen or the dining room. You can also use them to decorate the living room and transform it from dull and boring to fresh and elegant. Just remember to use beautiful fresh fruits.

 3.  House Arrangement

Every single House has those forgotten drawers and cabinets that are full of unnecessary things, but luxurious houses are free of such thing. You can rearrange your house from time to time by sorting these things to 3 groups:

1. Trash

2. for donation

3. Stuff for you, such as old memories of things you can’t get rid of.

Personal pictures, works, trophies, artifacts or even family legacy, are the things that you don’t simply get rid of, but you can arrange them and place them in suitable places in your home.

 4.  Illumination

luxury home decoration

You can use illumination to make your home look better or change it into a dull boring place. Illumination is very important to determine the style and luxury of your house. Place lights in strategic places, place elegant chandeliers above the dining table, in your bedroom or even your personal bathroom.

You should pay attention to natural light as well, by hanging transparent curtain starting from the ceiling, to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

 5.  Add artifacts

family room furniture

All luxurious houses have artifacts or constructive architectural factors in corridors or the living rooms. For example a famous chair or metal rails on the ceilings or a special column! With these examples, you can transform a normal room into a luxurious elegant room. These small inexpensive additions will make big differences.

 6.  Choose wall paints wisely

Choosing the wall paint is very important detail. White walls are nice but boring and dull at the same time. Vintage white is good too but we are looking for rich exotic colors that will completely transform your home. Most furniture magazines have pictures of furniture and accessories of deep rich colors, but all you need to do is maintain balance.

Dark blue must be accompanied by another color like gold or silver for example, but if you choose to use this color use it professionally.

 7.  Fabric:

The fabrics you use in your furniture and curtains will determine the final look. There is a big difference between cheap fabric, bad colors and expensive fabric with gorgeous colors. Bold colors mixed with white color will look very special. You can mix all the colors in a suitable manner and in a way that suits the space.

 8.  Floors:

Floors are as important as the other house elements. If you have wood floor don’t ever cover it all with carpets. Leave some places carpet free because wooden floors are very elegant. Don’t use large carpets but small ones that will cover a small spot, such as seating area and the dining table. Choose carpets of wonderful colors and exotic designs to add warmth and elegance to the room.