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Guest Room Furniture

Guest Room Design and Furniture Ideas

There is no house without a reception or guest room. It is considered as one of the most important rooms in the house and choosing the design and furniture for a guest room needs a lot of accuracy and acumen. The choice of fabric, décor, furniture, and angle reflect the taste of the hosts, their personality, and the lifestyle that they belong to, so it has to be very elegant, modern classic and respond to the conditions of rest and relaxation at the same time.

There are two types of guest rooms. They come according to the structure and size of the house. One can have either a normal guest room or a whole suite which is common in palaces and villas.

Most people display their most expensive and valuable belongings in the guest room, but ALGEDRA furniture design experts advise you to keep it classic and focus on showing prestige, purism, and comfort.

It is advisable that the guest room is near the entrance and the dining room of the house, has an attached guest bathroom and even better if it has a view of the garden.

For big houses, ALGEDRA Trading and Furniture team recommends keeping furniture in dark colors while the curtains and accessories in lighter colors. But if the room is small, the curtains, walls, and accessories must be in light colors to create the illusion of a wider space. Usually in big houses such as palaces and villas, the guest room is a whole suite that consists of a large reception room with elegant sofas, a bedroom complete with luxury closet and drawers, and a bathroom with all the amenities and furniture.

Here are a few ideas to follow when designing the room:

1.      A suitable room

The suitable guest room must consist of a comfortable bedroom and bathroom. It should be located in a perfect place so the guests wouldn’t roam around the house to find it and it should be away from children’s bedrooms.

2.      Décor Design

The guest bedroom must strive for comfort and elegance. Having a simple flower vase on the nightstand next to the bed, a classic vintage wall clock, bedside lamps and a collection of your guests’ favorite books are tiny stuff they will never forget.

 3.      The Bed

A Turkish or Italian types of bed is perfect for a guest room. Have a fragrant cotton or well-ironed linen sheets and a few suitable blankets can make the guests feel extra special.turkish bed for guest rooms

4.      Cabinets and Drawers

There must be enough cabinets and drawers for the guest’s belongings and a wall length mirror.cabinets and drawers for guest rooms

5.      Bathroom Basics

Allocate in the bathroom new set of toothpaste and brush, a robe, clean cotton towels, soap, shampoo, and perfumes so the guest would feel like he is at his own house.

6.      Sofa Corner

Must be spacious and comfortable a nice classic modern sofa, chair, and a small table with a lamp. You can add a small cabinet for books and magazines and a CD player.sofa corner for guest room


 7.      A Small Office Table

With papers and pens and small paper notes.room study table

For small houses that can only have a normal room for guests, one should pay attention to the tiniest details in order to deliver the luxury and comfort needed. ALGEDRA recommends sticking to the basics to come up with the best type of décor and furniture.

The choice of furniture determines the taste of the host. And one of the most important characteristics of a furniture is style and comfort. You could add elegance to it by using soft fabrics and elegant colors. And the wall color must complement the style and color of the furniture. Bright colors bring life into the room while pastel gives a warm feeling for the room.

The design and fabric of the curtains are essential for any house, in general, so if there is a large door you can decorate it with thin white curtains. If the room has larger windows you should use thicker curtains to look more elegant.

One can also have a guest room inspired from nature, by adding green plants on the edges of the windows or bouquet of fresh flowers for a more natural look.