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turkish bedroom furniture

How to Re-Furnish your Bedroom in a Smart Way

Simple changes can make huge effects. The bedroom is the most private place where we feel real comfort, and it needs renovation to rejuvenate ourselves.

ALGEDRA designers present some smart ideas to re-furnish the bedroom, changes that make the place more refreshing with less time, effort and cost. So change does not mean to start over again, it can make great changes with petty cash.

Adding some paintings in a nice artistic way, relocating decoration pieces, changing lighting and chandeliers, they all can give life to the place along with changing blankets, paints color or even re-decorate one of the walls.

 classic bedroom furniture

1. Replacing the back of the bed with proper wooden planks that harmonize with the parquet floor, or even replacing the side tables with small wooden one and cool light lampshades for quiet reading can smartly show the elegant side of the room, along with a globular straw and a change of curtains color.

2. Some changes show power and boldness, just like changing the colors of bed back to a strong color that can reduce the power of the white theme of the room, like the tough black. ALGEDRA architects advice white curtains and a red carpet upon choosing such theme, side table beside a white bed are also advised along with lighting lamps and an addition of steel couch and a same-style table would grant a relaxing morning and a peaceful evening next to the window.

3. Elegance and beauty do not mean a crowd, it is simplicity and enjoying the tiny details in any time you need to relax.

Main wall made of strong feeling magnificent white stone, a king size bed along with a relaxing chair next to the window. And we do not forget a bit of work to be done on a small table and chair enlightened by a lampshade.

The shades of gray make the rooms looks elegantly perfect with a grey-dander carpet and white curtains.

modern bedroom furniture

4. Adding an elegant orange wooden divider between the dressing and the bedrooms with multi colors curtains changes the monotonous look along with slow lighting lampshades.

A variety of colorful pillows can reinforce the relaxing style of the room, along with corner climber plant that adds the touch of nature to the place.