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ideas for small spaces

Living Room Furniture Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating a small space can be quite challenging but don’t let it cramp your style of a creative living room. The most common technique when decorating small spaces is choosing furniture that does double purpose and fits perfectly to your limited space. Here are some ideas from ALGEDRA Trading & Furniture that can make your living room look great without sacrificing design.

multi-functional furniture pieces

Choose multi-functional furniture pieces

Get the most from your couch area by purchasing convertible sofa beds or with storage. Likewise, choose tables that can be converted into small chairs or storage boxes. The general rule is, buy furnishings with two or more uses and go for classic-style. So that when it’s time to redesign your living room depending on the season you can do some workarounds from your existing furniture pieces and do it in a snap.

Yellow-Green Couch

Separate zones without taking up space

Create an illusion of separate spaces without putting a wall in between. Make use of furniture colors, paint, and wallpaper. Use contrasting color or carpet between spaces such as TV and reading area. Use different furniture cushions to visually separate two different zones in your living room.

L-shaped Sofa

Have a place for everything and put everything in its place

Go minimal and get rid of unnecessary and bulky items. Choose small-scale furniture rather than a full-sized sofa or big seater table. Look for fluffy couches or small love seats. You can also try a backless sofa so two or three people can sit back-to-back especially during the house party. Make use of your walls to store books and small items.

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