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New Ways to Bring Spring Vibes to Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Mix pink with yellow and white and they will help bring the spring like atmosphere to your daughter’s bedroom, mix these colors in the right amounts to help make your child feel safe and relaxed. Paint most of the wall in pink as for the rest of the walls paint them in yellow and add white to the metallic edges of the bed so the colors will be consistent. Place a bed made of “Fer forge” which is considered a decor piece that will last even through your daughter’s teenage years, in addition to soft curtains in white and pink made of the VICHY fabric.

There are many tools and decoration accessories distributed around the room, like adding closet of two long bases that have drawers to pack your child’s toys in Next to the bed.

Decorate this closet with a beautiful clock frame and a lamp to provide dim lighting to the room, also put a small little box to contain all the coloring pencils. Scatter some soft toys on your child’s bed and around the room to make her feel surrounded with what she loves. Purchase colorful boxes that slide under the bed to keep all of the toys and books. decorate the mirror with flower drawing to make her feel like a princess every time she looks into the mirror. You can DIY this mirror by pasting glass accessories in pink forms. you should note that young girls adored consistency in their rooms so make sure that the color of the bed is consistent with the curtains.

 Fix a geometric shooed book shelf that has open shelves and fill it with your daughter’s belongings such as toys, artifacts and dolls, decorate the room’s mirror with spring flowers .You Can hang some cadres on the wall that have natural pictures and forms  that are consistent with the room "pastel" colors that are consistent with the curtain’s fabric , bed sheets and pillows,  Make your child's room look like a beautiful garden of roses by drawing flowers on the closet, the drawers and the wall, and put me in the middle of each flower a glass bead in different color. Cover the bedroom floor with a soft carpet.


Illumination: synthetic illumination cannot substitute the natural illumination in terms of benefit, make your child's room face the sun light to so the room will be warm and radiant, and at night make sure there is an adequate amount of lighting in the room in light colors and is impressive by putting a lamp on the side of the bed along a lighting in the ceiling illuminate the whole room. Do not stop when you design your baby's room on the choice of the bed and the cabinet only, even if they are a priority, the room is always in need of precise details and additional accessories, like a bookshelf, drawers, and the table, curtains, toys and a carpet. And add handmade works to the room furniture, like the cartoon flower pot that is covered in fabric and decorated in glass pieces and paper flowers.