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TheGreatest Trends in Furniture

The Latest and Greatest Trends in Furniture

Everyone wants to get the latest trend in order to keep their house distinct, wonderful and full of joy and luxury, each according to his imaginations and according to his ideas Here are the latest decorations by furniture manufacturers in 2016 ...

 1.  Pantone Surprised the world by nominating two specific colors this year pale pink color and the color of quartz, which together seem like a piece of candy according to the company, the colors together express gender equality. Expectations were for the British Brand Graham & Browns 2016 wallpapers is dusty pink and blue with a touch of metal with them.

British Brand Graham & Browns 2016 wallpapers

     2. Pure Design:

    By providing an integrated palette of harmonious colors and delicate design, some companies of wallpaper and global paints are heading towards soft and pastel in 2016. A Inc. in New York, says that the focus increased on the need to create a movement and to find serenity and peace in the house opposite to the noise outside.

    Pure Design Wallpaper

     3.Warm metals:

    With the continued high price of copper, it became difficult to use it in the furniture and in decoration, so the solution proposed by a London company, is to mix some natural raw materials with copper and other metals such as marble and wood so it is used, less materials of good quality are an excellent investment because they never stop being fantastic in all styles and times.

     4. Luxury in roughness:

    aging gives the material a wonderful texture and the space depth and elegance, adding some dirt, aging and roughness to the surface of accessories, furniture and walls in a pure and clean space sometimes adds an unexpected touch. As company competent in making furniture of a distinctive touch.

     5. Samsung serif TV:

    Furniture design with television screens

    Technology soften its edges and stray from formal look, like the fifties and sixties technology, a Samsung Serif TV restores the idea of design to the mid-twenties of the last century. Its edges are in the shape of I, and the Magnetic panel helps to hide the wires and connectors in the back, defying the traditional view to television screens, which says it must be flat.